<p><strong>Hello! </strong>IAM Rafael Morel aka<em> LightningBits,</em> a Junior Software Developer specializing in .NET Core, Blazor, Tailwind CSS, and much more<strong>​</strong></p>

Hello World! IAM Rafael Morel

Hello! I am Rafael Morel aka LightningBits, a Junior Software Developer specializing in .NET Core, Blazor, Tailwind CSS, and much more. I offer a combination of technical knowledge, real-world experience, and a willingness to learn and contribute as part of a software development team. As a former union ironworker in New York City, I have built and renovated some of the world’s most iconic structures. When the Covid pandemic halted the construction industry, I was laid off. My wife, a nurse and frontline worker, continued to work while I stayed home with our 4-month-old baby. During this time, I recalled my early interest in coding on a Commodore 64 and 128 and saw the high demand for coding skills in the job market. With my infant son on my shoulder, I devoted myself to learning to code and gained new skills. My passion for problem-solving and hands-on experience in construction, provide me with a unique perspective that I bring with me to the tech industry. I am eager to join a software company and contribute to the creation of cutting-edge solutions with my diverse skill set and experience. I am dedicated to succeeding, innovating, and staying up to date in this field, making me a valuable asset to any software development team.


Written by: LightningBits Published on February 04, 2023 Viewed: 132
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